This brand was created to represent a mindset followed by a lifestyle of implementing that mindset. Time always moves forward on the good days and the terrible ones. How we move forward with that time is what shapes us into the people we become.

As leaders, we don't just move forward like everyone else, we attack it with an attitude that screams nothing can stop my resiliency and joy. An attitude that embraces the suck, knowing it will only make us stronger. Constantly leading by example, and never being a sheep following a crowd.
My hope is that this brand inspires others to live a life of love, leadership, and kindness. The goal is to create a culture of always being the victor, and never the victim, in any and every situation.

A huge part of this brand will also be PAYING IT FORWARD, as we move forward in our own lives. 
Each quarter, a portion of our profits will go to a our non profit EAT LAST CO or another charitable organization or group.

Thank you so much for supporting this brand. It means more than you know..

- Evan & AFWD TEAM